What does Psoriasis Look like?

There are several different forms of psoriasis. The most common form is psoriasis vulgaris which appears as an elevated, red plaque that is covered by a silvery dry scale. The scale is composed of thin, layers of dead abnormal skin cells.

The initial lesions are usually red and dot-like in appearance and may be as small as 2 millimetres in diameter. These initial eruptions gradually enlarge and produce a silvery white surface scale. Surface scales come off easily and are shed constantly, but those below the surface are quite adherent. When forcibly removed, they may leave tiny bleeding points known as the Auspitz’s sign. As the initial dot-like lesions grow, they form plaques which may cover areas of many inches respectively. These plaques may also unite, merging into each other. These plaques may take on one of several different shapes and appearances.

Often, the lesions are symmetrical. In other words, the lesions appear in the same place on the right and left halves of the body.

Lesions vary in size and in configuration from patient to patient. This difference in the pattern of development is assumed to indicate some basic feature of the disease process not yet understood.

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